"We are always stronger than we know."

            - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Never 2 Strong was established in Palm Springs, California in 2003. For over 20 years, Owner/Operator, Kris Bogdanovs, has helped his clients to achieve their fitness goals--often exceeding their own expectations.


The story of Never 2 Strong began at Gold's Gym in Palm Springs over 20 years ago, when notable names in bodybuilding, like Rachel Mc Lish, used the facility to train. Kris was eager to learn all that he could from former title holders such as Ofer Gabriel, Mr. Israel of 1983, and Jean-Pierre Fux, a Mr. Olympia contender.  Kris developed long-lasting relationships with these men who served as his early mentors in the world of fitness and strength training.


While attending college to earn his degree in kinesiology, Kris worked as a certified personal trainer alongside leading experts in the bodybuilding industry. Over time, Kris amassed an impressive list of clients who recognized Kris's  ability to develop realistic and effective workout programs designed to maximize potential, proving the often complex physical limitations unique to every individual needn't be a roadblock to achieving success. In over 20 years, not one client reported a physical injury as a result.

Certified since 2003

2012 Graduate

One-on-One Personal Training

Customized workouts tailored to achieve your goals.

Group Fitness Classes & Workshops 

Fun and energetic classes and workout sessions tailored for couples or groups of

2 or more with common goals. 

Flexible scheduling to fit a busy lifestyle

Book training sessions at a time convenient for you to stay committed.

Get Fit with Never 2 Strong

As a personal trainer, my approach to fitness is customercentric, tailoring each program to meet individual goals. With two decades of experience and continued certification throughout that time,  I have a two-decade long histsory of holding certifications from the leading fitness institutions. I have also had the benefit of working alongside bodybuilding contenders while earning my degree in exercise physiology from an American College of Sports Medicine university.  These experiences have allowed me to develop a tested and successful training technique. 


To schedule a consultation or answer any questions you may have, kindly send me an e-mail including a convenient time to contact you. Thank you for visiting my website.

Kris Bogdanovs





Scott Hines, late Co-Owner of Beau Monde, was elected to the Rancho Mirage City Council, He later served as Mayor  of the city from 2012-2013.  The Scott Hines Behavioral Health Center in Palm Springs is named in his honor.


Ofer Gabriel, Mr. Israel 1983

Ofer Gabriel with Phyllis Diller on

cover of Palm Springs Life magazine